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Randy and Teresa Sims and Sims Search LLC have had a big impact on my success over the past 8 years.


I have worked with the Sims team on the candidate side and the hiring side of the process.  Randy is very good at breaking down a recruit’s strengths and goals and matching them with the prospective role and company.  Specifically, Randy was able to stop me in my tracks and to get me to rethink my perception of the company and role as a recruit.   One other thing that really stuck with me was how he made me feel important and valuable regardless of my decision.  I know his approach influenced my perception of the hiring company in a positive way.  This allowed for a rich interview with open sharing and discovery.

Equally important, I was not the selected candidate, however, Randy kept me engaged with the company and their hiring managers, and I was eventually matched with a great role in the same company a while later.   I know without his support the hiring manager and I would not have come together a second time.

The Sims team has also recruited for me and my current company.  My goal was to fill 5 Ag. selling roles throughout the Midwest.  Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota were the states I was targeting.  During the process, Randy and Teresa were able to adapt to the area we were focusing on as we prioritized the geographies to fill first.  They were able to find multiple candidates for each location, and all of them were qualified and met the criteria we had established.  More importantly, Randy & Teresa are a great partner in the process.  Keeping me and our hiring team informed on the prospects and the market.  They would routinely check-in and have suggestions that were helpful as we worked to match skills and experiences with a tight budget.  In the end, we have a great team of diverse people with unique skills and contributions.  Randy & Teresa specifically looked for this diversity and was a big part of making it all come together.

As you can see from my message, I am a big believer in the Sims team’s capabilities and effectiveness!


Gordy M

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