Animal Health Leader Testimony


As Regional Sales Director- West for Phibro Animal Health, we hired Sims Search to help recruit field based Technical Sales Representatives and Dairy Technical Managers (PhD).  The area of focus I worked with Randy on was hiring Technical Sales Positions in the Western United States.  Randy and Teresa successfully helped us fill 8 Technical Sales positions across the Western United States over the last 4 years.  As our business grew, and we needed qualified individuals to continue that growth, Randy found candidates that fit the need of the job description and who were fully vetted on the position requirements and expectations.  Randy has a deep knowledge of the candidates in the animal nutrition market and great relationships with the potential candidates.  Randy was very thorough in finding candidates in markets that had very low numbers of people to recruit from.  He and Teresa could reach outside the normal candidate pool and find candidates that were capable, fit the need, and that were successful hires. 

I enjoyed working with Randy as he was always attentive to the needs we had in recruiting.  He listened effectively and recruited talented people meeting the requirements we set as expectations.   Randy is thorough in vetting candidates backgrounds, successes, and accomplishments to ensure they were qualified and capable.  Randy was always easy to contact and visit with on the evolving recruiting process and what the expectations were for success.   After concluding the hiring process, I would visit with those hired to work for Phibro Animal Health and they always gave Randy compliments on the recruiting process, his honesty in explaining expectations, and overall pleasure in dealing with Sims Search.  I would recommend working with Sims Search to assist with your Animal Nutrition and Health hiring needs.          

–          Chad R. Smith

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