Energized at Work


If most of what we watch on TV is accurate, most Americans are worn-out and tired the majority of the time. This fast lane pace that we are living can cause many of us to feel chronic fatigue. In fact, you may have the MONDAY BLUES (and it may not even be a Monday)
as you are reading this.

A constant state of fatigue can cost you if you do not get it under control:

* You may miss a great opportunity.
* You may have a bad attitude.
* Your performance may be limited.
* You may not be able to fight off illness.

It is common for everyone to experience fatigue, but if you were thinking “Hey! That is me…” to any of the above statements, you not only have the physician fatigue (involving your body), but you probably have emotional fatigue (involving your mind). Emotional fatigue is very common and is caused by worry, frustration, stress, unreal expectations and many other negative things.
And unlike physical fatigue, it cannot be cured by getting some extra rest.

Below are Five Energizers That Work as documented by Rick Warren
that will help with emotional fatigue.

1. A Clear Conscience: Guilt always depletes emotional energy.

2. A New Perspective: Try looking at things from a different viewpoint. You may not be able to control the circumstance, but you can control how you handle it.

3. A Challenging Purpose: Find a new dream or goal that inspires you.

4. A Supportive Team: Hang around people with high energy and encouraging people. Soar with the eagles instead of running with the turkeys.

5. Plug into a higher power: Find somewhere where you can get your emotional battery recharged.
Do you feel any of the Monday Blues? If so, what can you do differently?

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