Creative Budgeting for Recruiting Needs


A couple of the top questions that often come up with assessing recruiting needs revolve around the cost of using outside recruiters and what benefits will be received when using an outside recruiter.  Let’s look at some creative ways that hiring companies have worked in their budgets to cover outside recruiter expense as well as review some of the benefits they received.


So let’s get started with a couple of questions…

1)  Where does your recruiting budget come from?

2)What are some of the other costs that come out of this budget?


Now let’s look at some of the common responses to these questions…

1)  We don’t really have a recruiting budget,

2) Recruiting monies come from HR,

3) Staff training comes out of our recruiting budget

4) Sometimes we use our recruiting budget to cover travel expenses for staff.


Any of these ring true for you, your hiring team or your company overall?  If so, know that you are not alone.  We have partnered with many companies who have these exact same responses when we have our initial recruitment assessment meeting with them.  Below are a couple of creative solutions we have worked through with organizations to help develop their recruiting resources.


1) With any open position there is always salary and benefits that have not been spent each month the position is open. By utilizing unpaid salary/benefits this is a good way to cover outside recruiting efforts.

2) Ask for a multiple position discount. Generally this has been able to help companies get critical positions filled by discounting the recruitment fees on multiple position projects.

3) And, of course, work with the hiring manager(s) and leadership team to get the priority level of all open positions, length of time they have been open as well as the projected cost associated with the positions going unfilled.


With this type of exercise most organizations will find that there are a couple of positions that quickly rise to the top that are tagged as “hard to fill positions”.  That is where external recruiters have the expertise to come in and help.   Below are just a few of the benefits your hiring team will see when partnering with the Sims Executive Search team.


1) A customized approach with priority to fill your critical/top openings.

2) Receive a complete candidate packet for only the top three to five candidates instead of reviewing hundreds of resumes. Let the recruiting partner source the candidates based on your needs and complete the interviews to qualify candidates presented to you so you can focus on your day to day work requirements.  We will also coordinate all communications between you and the selected candidates throughout your entire process.

3) A consultative/partnered/up to date approach throughout the entire recruiting process based on current market trends (industry, position, salary and location) as well as current candidate trends (career growth, challenging work, salary and culture fit).

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