Are you just barely hanging on? 2020 – 5 lessons learned by: Randy Sims


Are you just barely hanging on? 2020

5 lessons learned by: Randy Sims

I looked out my office window this week and at first I thought a piece of paper was caught in this tree, but as I looked closer it was one single leaf, just barely hanging on. Now I find myself each day looking at that tree, just to see if it made it another day, and somehow the leaf is still not willing to throw in the towel. Still there yesterday, still there today. Still hanging on…..Sound familiar?

This year has been a year of trying to hang on for many, here are a few things I have learned that perhaps will help you as well;

  1. When at all possible, take the attitude of I am going to fight through this and win vs the attitude of “just making it” or “just getting by” and cling to the thought that victory is just around the corner.
  2. Spend more time focusing outward vs. inward. Look to help others, regardless of your situation.
  3. Know it’s Ok to ask for help, you are not made to face challenges alone.
  4. Focus on what you have to be thankful for, and write them down. Daily if necessary.
  5. When we used to think of 2020 it brought to mind clarity or good vision.  Now 2020 has taken on a new meaning. In fact it’s now the opposite meaning, people are craving clarity, a vision, and understanding. I hope there will be some things that we never want to change from this year. My hope is that we will have learned some new positive habits (like creating margin in our lives). And I hope we have been refined, and established a deeper hope and faith.

Taking time to really watch the sunrise or sunset can be stunning, but when was the last time we really did that? If you are like me, it was this year. Here is to a great 2021, while always recalling wisdom and vision from 2020.

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